“If we knew what it was we were doing,
it would not be called research, would it?”

Albert Einstein

Diploma Theses

Below please find announcements for diploma theses:

of the Future

Electronic Governance

Digital health & well-being


Sustainable &
Green Economy

PhD Theses

  1. “Supporting Virtual Consortia Formation over the Web”, Christos E. Halaris (December 2000)
  2. “Development of Methods and Systems for Corporate Knowledge Management”, Dimitris Apostolou (March 2002)
  3. “Design and Implementation of a Collaboration Management System”, Georgia Bafoutsou (March 2002)
  4. “Ontology-based Knowledge Management in Knowledge-intensive Business Processes”, Spyros Ntioudis (September 2005)
  5. “Knowledge Services: A Semantic Web Services Environment “, Panos Georgolios (December 2005)
  6. “Inter-organisational Workflow Management Systems”, Yiannis Verginadis, (February 2006)
  7. “A Semantic Competence Management System “, Fotis Draganidis (June 2009)
  8. “Adaptive Evaluation of Electronic Services: An e-Government Case” Babis Magoutas (April 2010)
  9. “Social Computing with Information Markets” Efthimios Bothos (January 2011)
  10. “Autonomous Network Service Delivery” Panagiotis Gouvas (April 2011)
  11. “Semantic Knowledge Management in Software Development “ Dimitris Panagiotou (May 2011)
  12. “Evaluation of E-Government Service Quality” Xenia Papadomichelaki (June 2011)
  13. “Probabilistic Topic Models in Recommender Systems” Konstantinos Christidis (February 2013)
  14. “Adaptive Clinical Pathways with Semantic Web technology” Dimitris Alexandrou (June 2014)
  15. “Event-driven Process Adaptation” Yannis Patiniotakis (July 2016)
  16. “Collaboration Support Systems with Semantically-enhanced Patterns” Nikos Papageorgiou (October 2016)
  17. “Proactive Decision Making in Industry 4.0” Alexandros Bousdekis (June 2018)
  18. Personalised Persuasive Technologies for Behavioural ChangeEvaggelia Anagnostopoulou (May 2020)
  19. Leveraging Creativity with Exploratory SearchMaria Taramigkou (July 2020)
  20. Model-driven adaptation of Function-as-a-Service applications Andreas Tsagkaropoulos (Jun 2021)
  21. “Prescriptive Analytics with Interactive Reinforcement Learning in Decision Making)” Katerina Lepenioti (Dec. 2022)
  22. “Recommender systems in Software Communities” Fotis Paraskevopoulos (in progress)
  23. “Personalised Recommender Systems for Mobility-as-a-Service Models” Konstantina Arnaoutaki (in progress)
  24. Monitoring and Adaptation of Distributed Applications in Multi-cloud EnvironmentsVassilis Stefanidis (in progress)
  25. “”Information Systems of Digital Enterprises Dora Mavrodopoulou (in progress)
  26. Business Analytics for Decision Support SystemsGeorgia Gkioka (in progress)
  27. Data Analytics for Airport Process Reengineering“, Paris Chavatzopoulos (in progress)
  28. Prescriptive Analytics in Battery Management for Electric Vehicles“, Afroditi Fouka (in progress)
  29. Human-AI Interactions in Industry 5.0“, Mattheos Fikardos (in progress)
  30. Data Analytics for Digital Mines“, Stefanos Kontos (in progress)