The PaaSword Context-aware Security Model sets the basis for annotating database Entities, Data Access Objects (DAO) or any other web endpoints that give access to sensitive data managed by cloud applications.

PolicyOracle is an online Information Market platform for nowcasting and forecasting future events about policy matters and indices.

WaterCity is a web-based social network application, aiming to change the attitudes and practices of urban communities of residential consumers towards pro-environmental behavior with respect to water use.

Preference-based cLoud Service Recommender (PuLSaR) is a cloud consumer preference based recommender that uses a holistic multi-criteria decision making approach for offering optimisation as brokerage service.

The Creative User Centric Inspirational Search, which aims to leverage user inspiration in information seeking activities.


Service Adaptation Recommender (SAR) allows situational–driven adaptation of BPMN2.0 Workflows.


ESR is a Dynamic Event Subscription service that enables services in a distributed EDA environment to "decide" in which event streams they should subscribe to.

ENIO is an Enterprise Interoperability Ontology (ENIO) that provides a shared, common understanding of data, services and processes within enterprise application integration scenarios.

QUONTO (Quality Ontology) is an ontology that formalizes all the knowledge needed for the realization of a multi-perspective and adaptive evaluation of e-government portals.

OCEAN is an Ontology for Collaborative Networked Organizations.

COmPANiON is an Ontology for Collaboration Patterns.

CPA stands for “Collaboration Patterns Assistant” and is a software application that supports pattern-based collaborations within and among dispersed teams. CPA provides the necessary functionality for recommending, executing and managing collaboration patterns (CPats).