Welcome to the site of the Information Management Unit

The Information Management Unit is a multi-disciplinary Unit engaged in research and development activities in information Technology Management. IMU is a research unit of ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems), which was established in 1989 by the Ministry of Education and the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

The mission of IMU is to enable the development of knowledge-driven organisations. We design, develop and validate innovative models, methods and tools that leverage the creation, sharing and use of information and knowledge at the individual, team and organisational levels. IMU promotes scientific results to enable value creation in e-government and e-business. Our work encompasses applied research and is multi-disciplinary in nature. We adopt field-based and action research approaches.


The technologies we work with include:

  • Knowledge & semantic technologies
  • Service and Process Engineering
  • Decision Management

Our application domains are:

  • Digital Enterprise Systems
  • Electronic Governance Systems
  • Collaborative and Social Systems

Read more about our approach and research in the Research section of our site.

We participate in research and development projects that are funded by:
- the Horizon 2020 Research Framework program of the European Union (previously FP7, FP6, etc)
- the Information Society Operational Programme of Greece (Ministry of Economy and Finance) and
- the Greek Secretariat on Research and Technology (Ministry of Development).


IMU is a member of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) , a fully self-financed non–for-profit organization, which aims to boost European Big Data Value research, development and innovation and to foster a positive perception of Big Data Value. The BDVA is the private counterpart to the EU Commission to implement the BDV public–private partnership programme.


IMU is a member of the Networked European Software and Systems Initiative (NESSI), the European Technology platform dedicated to Software and Services. IMU contributes to the Semantic Technologies, BPM and Service Science Working Groups.

You may download a short presentation of our research activities.