Paper on Logistics 4.0 published in IJPR


New paper on Logistics 4.0 entitled “Towards logistics 4.0: an edge-cloud software framework for big data analytics in logistics processes” co-authored with Moritz von Stietencron, Karl Hribernik, Katerina LepeniotiAlexandros Bousdekis, Marco Lewandowski, Dimitris Apostolou and Gregoris Mentzas was published by the International Journal of Production Research (impact factor 8.5).

In the paper we propose a software framework for streaming analytics in an edge-cloud computational environment aiming at covering the whole data analytics lifecycle in logistics processes and thus, advancing the evolution and realisation of the Logistics 4.0 concept. The proposed framework takes advantage of edge computing technologies, streaming analytics and proactive decision making in order to monitor, analyse and support decision making in the frame of Logistics 4.0. It is applied and evaluated in a maintenance service logistics use case from the aerospace industry.



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