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Successful Diploma Theses


Congrats to the three extremely talented students of IMU whose diploma theses were successfully examined today: Melina Mai with the thesis "Deep Learning for Business Process Monitoring and Prediction", which proposed deep learning techniques and specifically recurrent neural networks with Long-Short-Term Memory (LSTM) architecture to predict the next event in a business process and applied [...]

Successful Diploma Theses2021-07-19T12:51:36+03:00

Two papers in 12th International Conf. on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications


We presented two papers in the 12th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications: Katerina Lepenioti presented our paper co-authored with  Vasilis Karlis, Alexandros Bousdekis and Gregoris Mentzas  “Stock Trend Prediction by Fusing Prices and Indices with LSTM Neural Networks”. In this paper we propose LSTM neural networks in order to fuse different types and levels of stock [...]

Two papers in 12th International Conf. on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications2021-07-14T11:35:36+03:00

AquaSpice in the ICT4Water newsletter


Our AquaSpice project which advances sustainability of process industries through digital and circular water use innovation, was featured in the latest ict4water_eu newsletter and was recognised amongst the projects that contributed to the "Digital Solutions for Zero Pollution" Read all about it here: buff.ly/3hAoVJK  

AquaSpice in the ICT4Water newsletter2021-07-12T17:49:17+03:00

Paper on AI for equipment health state prediction at CAiSE 2021 conference


Alexandros Bousdekis presented at the CAiSE Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering our paper co-authored with Afroditi Fouka,  Katerina Lepenioti and Gregoris Mentzas, on using state of the art Artificial Intelligence for predicting the health state of equipment in real-time. The paper is available at: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-030-79022-6_13 Our paper argues that existing algorithms in predictive maintenance suffer [...]

Paper on AI for equipment health state prediction at CAiSE 2021 conference2021-07-02T16:55:40+03:00

New paper on Big Data-Driven Processes in Industry 4.0


New academic paper by Alexandros Bousdekis and Gregoris Mentzas on "Enterprise Integration and Interoperability for Big Data-Driven Processes in the Frame of Industry 4.0". The paper proposes a RAMI 4.0 based architectural framework for designing and modelling solutions for big data-driven manufacturing operations. It demonstrates the applicability of the proposed framework through its instantiation to predictive [...]

New paper on Big Data-Driven Processes in Industry 4.02021-06-03T18:44:45+03:00

Human-AI in manufacturing


During the DataWeek of the AI, Data and Robotics Association the director of IMU Prof. Gregoris Mentzas participated in a panel on "Human-AI collaboration in Manufacturing". He presented the human-AI interactions approach of the COALA Your Factory Assistant research work carried out with colleagues Dimitris Apostolou, Katerina Lepenioti and Alexandros Bousdekis. Read more in the project web [...]

Human-AI in manufacturing2021-06-01T14:52:41+03:00

ICCS member of IDSA


Excited to have become a member of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), a coalition of more than 130 members that aim to make reality a vision of the world where all companies self-determine the usage rules and realize the full value of their data in secure, trusted and equal partnerships. With our participation in IDSA we aim to leverage our expertise in [...]

ICCS member of IDSA2021-05-04T15:47:39+03:00

Extending TOSCA for Edge and Fog Deployment Support


How can we model cloud and edge deployments with one modelling language? In our new paper we present a set of TOSCA semantic extensions to model applications deployed across the computing continuum. Read all about it: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-9292/10/6/737 The emergence of fog and edge computing has complemented cloud computing in the design of pervasive, computing-intensive applications. [...]

Extending TOSCA for Edge and Fog Deployment Support2021-04-20T19:03:44+03:00

MARBEL website is live!


Working toward the battery of the future for electric vehicles and plugin hybrids: the MARBEL project website is now live! Follow it to be informed about our research on AI-enabled predictions for battery variables such as SoX (State of Charge, State of Health, etc.) and for early failure detection.

MARBEL website is live!2021-04-20T19:08:55+03:00
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