WaterCity is a web-based social network application, aiming to change the attitudes and practices of urban communities of residential consumers towards pro-environmental behavior with respect to water use. WaterCity leverages the power of persuasive strategies (social comparisons, tailoring, self-monitoring, goal setting/commitment and rewards) when combined with social networking applications, with the aim to induce user behavioral change with respect to water conservation. Thought WaterCity, which can be seen as an aggregator of social motivation and other behavioral factors into an easily accessible platform, households can receive information and feedback about their water consumption, compare their consumption to that of similar others and set and monitor water reduction goals. WaterCity, which has been developed in the context of the FP7 research project WatERP has been disseminated in the Spanish press and used by residential consumers in Barcelona to help them reduce their water consumption.

Usefull links

• WaterCity demo deployment - available here

• WaterCity presentation - available here