MELODIC will enable data-intensive applications to run within defined security, cost, and performance boundaries seamlessly on geographically distributed and federated cloud infrastructures. Serving the user’s needs and constraints, MELODIC will realise the potential of Cloud computing for big data and data-intensive applications by transparently taking advantage of distinct characteristics of available private and public clouds, dynamically optimise resource utilisation, consider data locality, conform to the user’s privacy needs and service requirements, and counter vendor lock-in. These benefits are achieved by integrating and extending the results and the open source platforms available from three major European Cloud projects with the Hadoop and Spark big data frameworks. The integrated MELODIC platform will be tested in several demanding real world applications: scalable Customer Relationship Management, real-time optimised traffic routing, and fast and scalable processing of genomic data.

The main objectives of MELODIC are to: - prevent vendor lock-in by enabling transparent application deployment on heterogeneous clouds - enable holistic and autonomic management of the complete data life-cycle - validate effective design, development, and deployment of self-adaptive multi-cloud ready applications - empower cloud users with full control on their data and thereby establish trust on loosely – coupled distributed cloud deployments

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Thursday, December 1, 2016