October 2012–

WatERP will develop a web-based “Open Management Platform” (OMP) supported by real-time knowledge on water supply and demand, enabling the entire water distribution system to be viewed in an integrated and customized way. The OMP will provide to the user inferred information regarding water supplies, flows, water consumption patterns, water losses, distribution efficiency, and water supply and demand forecasts, within a web-based unified framework. It comprises 3 tools: (a) Data Warehouse, using semantics and common language, (b) DSS, for coordinating actions, prioritizing water uses, improving distribution efficiency, and saving water, energy and costs, and (c) Demand Management, supporting socio-economical analyses and policies. Open standards will be used to maximize interoperability and data sharing. WatERP technologies will be developed under a user-centred participatory design.

WatERP will result in:

  • Water savings of up to 8% in water-scarce areas where water distribution is already efficient but where further savings could be achieved from improving coordination among operators in the upper part of the distribution chain (e.g., Spanish pilot case: Llobregat river basin)
  • Energy savings of up to 5% in areas where water is abundant and water distribution is already efficient but where energy savings could help reduce costs (e.g., German pilot case: city of Karlsruhe)
  • Additional water, energy and costs savings from increased user awareness and behavioural change