October 2012–

The goal of the COLLAGE project is to design, develop and validate an innovative Social Creativity Service-Set which will support the synergistic interlinking of learning processes, resources and systems with social computing services for inspiring learners, social affinity spaces for leveraging expression and exploration, and social game mechanics for supporting social evaluation and appreciation of creative behaviour.

COLLAGE aims to generate:

  • Economic impact by enabling SMEs and large organizations to capitalize on the creative capabilities of their employees through new value creation;
  • Technological impact by advancing leading edge technologies (context-aware computing, web analytics and social computational systems) towards creativity support.
  • Impact on TEL by providing an open-source service-set for social creativity able to mash-up with existing learning processes and solutions.
  • Scientific impact by advancing research in prominent research areas such as creativity models for learning, game-based learning and social recommender systems.