Preference-based cLoud Service Recommender (PuLSaR) is a cloud consumer preference based recommender that uses a holistic multi-criteria decision making approach for offering optimisation as brokerage service. Specifically, PuLSaR builds upon a fuzzy AHP approach that solves the problem of service ranking and allows the multi-objective assessment of cloud services. This approach provides a more expressive and unified way to capture and process user opinions and preferences (both precise and imprecise) than traditional service ranking methods.

Usefull links

• Software - available here

• Demo Walkthrough- available here

• Criteria for Comparing Cloud Services - available here

• Explanatory Video (short version) - available here

• Explanatory Video (long version) - available here

• PuLSaR - An Application Demonstration on the SingularLogic Orbi Broker - available here