2nd UPTIME Webinar


Join us at the 2nd UPTIME webinar with a predictive maintenance demonstration, lessons learned and best practices in the steel Industry.

2nd ASCLEPIOS Newsletter


The 2nd ASCLEPIOS Newsletter is out! You can find the highlights from the last 6 months of ASCLEPIOS, and learn more about our work in cryptography, ABAC, trusted execution environment, events and more!

Machine Learning for Smart Manufacturing


The video of our paper on "Machine Learning for Smart Manufacturing" is available at It will be presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories.

New research project in cloud/edge computing


Our group, the Information Management Unit (IMU) of ICCS - NTUA, participates in the Morphemic project, a new H2020 project that develops a unique way of adapting and optimizing Cloud Computing applications by exploring the novel concepts of polymorphic architecture and proactive adaptation.

Smart water consumption awareness


We designs the NAIADES water consumption awareness application for efficient watering of flower boxes. In Carouge (Switzerland), we aim to reduce water consumption & watering costs by enhancing city employees awareness on plants needs and by providing AI-optimized watering schedules.

New paper in IEEE Engineering Management Review


We published a new paper in IEEE Engineering Management Review focusing on the business and managerial perspectives of Predictive Maintenance in the Industry 4.0 environment. Our work was based on research at ICCS - NTUA within the UPTIME Unified Predictive Maintenance System project.

Nutrition recommender system


Now that you #stayhome you need to watch your diet! In the Preventomics_EU H2020 research project we are developing a nutritional recommender system to provide personalised nutrition and support a sustainable behavioural change.