Service Adaptation Recommender (SAR) enhances aspect-oriented business process management with event-driven capabilities for discovering situations requiring adaptations. SAR uses an aspect-oriented extension to BPMN2.0 called AO4BPMN2.0 (also developed by IMU) and couples it with an event-driven approach for detecting and reasoning about situations that require adaptation of business processes. This coupling refers to the introduction of the notion of dynamic, situation-aware “pointcuts” and the combination of “aspects” with the Situation-Action-Networks (SANs). SAN is a modeling framework that can be used for defining systems’ reactions to significant situations with the purpose of fulfilling or satisfying a goal. SANs are hierarchical goal-directed, treelike models that comprise nodes with specific semantics in order to decompose goals. SAR effectively addresses simultaneous adaptation on process model and execution level, by exploiting the aspect oriented extension of BPMN2.0.

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