Small European companies compete on the basis of their know-how and hence need to utilize knowledge to their advantage. They are constrained by a scarcity of resources and they thus need to do more, with less. OrganiK facilitates knowledge management in SMEs by combining Enteprise Social Software with Semantics and Information Analysis Features.

Enterprise social software (ESS) systems are open and flexible corporate environments which utilize Web 2.0 technologies to stimulate participation through informal interactions and aggregate these interactions into collective structures.

We have employed and improved on existing free and open source technologies in order to provide a unified platform of social features. Functionality such as blog, wikis, micro-blogging and forums are available to the users of OrganiK. A challenge in these systems is to discover, organize and manage the knowledge model found within the enterprise. In this direction we have employed the use of latent topic analysis as well as the integration with existing semantic web technologies. Additionally the system can integrate with other widely used systems and processes in the enterprise (such as e-mails, file sharing, etc.).

OrganiK Architecture