MERIT: MEtrics ReportIng Tool

MERIT (MEtrics ReportIng Tool) is a quality reporting tool, which enables a combined and multi-faced view of quality of e-government services. MERIT is based on a quality of e-government services (QeGS) model.

It presents graphical charts regarding the various quality aspects (which are defined in the model) of the e-government portal and the public e-services. The charts are organized according to the various quality perspectives taken into account, i.e. citizens’, experts’ and technical staff’s opinions, as well as objective quality measures of the front and the back office.

By combining all these subjective and objective perspectives, the public administration gains a comprehensive view of the quality of e-government services delivered to the citizen, a 360 perspective.


The figures below depict the overview page and the citizens’ opinion regarding the service reliability quality factor.


MERIT is a web based tool which has been build using JSP (Java Server Pages), while for rendering and displaying the various graphical charts, the “Cewolf” - Chart Enabling Web Object Framework, as well as the FreeChart libraries have been used. MERIT connects to MySQL databases through JDBC for fetching the required information. It connects to “surveyres” schema for question details, and according to the View the question belongs to, to the appropriate database i.e. Citizens Questionnaire database, Technical Staff Questionnaire database, Experts Questionnaire database, Web Log Filtering Tool database and Process Log Filtering Tool Database.

The figure below depicts the technical architecture of the tool. MERIT


For the underlying QeGS model see:

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For the 360 perspective of quality of e-government services used in MERIT, see:

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MERIT is a sourceforge open source project available here