ENIO ontology

ENIO is an Enterprise Interoperability Ontology (ENIO) that provides a shared, common understanding of data, services and processes within enterprise application integration scenarios. ENIO consists of an Upper EAI ontology, which is based on the DOLCE-SUMO alignment, with extensions called facets that cover several dimensions of the EAI domain. Each facet contains a relative meta-model that utilizes widely adopted standards.

Download a presentation of the objectives and technical issues of the ENIO ontology.


The ENIO Ontology has a four-fold focus:

  • to resolve most message level heterogeneities through the formal definition of the data(-types) in the input and output messages of a service, providing a reference model of data semantics;
  • to enable effective search and discovery of services through the formal representation of the capabilities and the functionality of service operators;
  • to assist manual process composition through (reusable) process templates; and
  • to support semi-automated process composition via the annotation of the behavioural models of collaborative EAI processes. ENIO Conceptual Structure
    Figure 1: The Enio Conceptual Stucture

Each facet contains a relative meta-model that utilizes widely-adopted recommendations and widely-known research efforts, e.g. CCTS and COS. The upper level of ENIO has 159 classes and 90 properties, the data facet consists of 337 classes and 772 properties and the functional facet is made up of 256 classes.


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The ontology is available here

The ontology imports (among others) the following FUSION ontologies: the upper process template ontology the functional taxonomy the state ontology the functional facet ontology the data facet ontology