UPTIME aims to design a unified predictive maintenance framework and an associated unified information system in order to enable the predictive maintenance strategy implementation in manufacturing industries. The UPTIME predictive maintenance system extends and unifies the new digital, e-maintenance services and tools and incorporates information from heterogeneous data sources, e.g. sensors, to more accurately estimate the process performances. The UPTIME Platform has been designed according to Systems Engineering principles to address both generic and specific user needs & technical requirements. The UPTIME Platform is deployed and validated against three industrial use cases: (1)production and logistics systems in the aviation sector, (2) white goods production line and (3) cold rolling line for steel straps.

The objectives of the UPTIME project are:

  • Extend and unify the new digital, e-maintenance services and tools for UPTIME solution

  • Deploy and validate the UPTIME solution in manufacturing companies

  • Diffuse the UPTIME solution in the manufacturing community

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Friday, September 1, 2017
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