The transportation sector is undergoing a considerable transformation as it enters a new landscape where connectivity is seamless and mobility options as well as related business models are constantly increasing. Our vision is to provide the required interoperability, adaptability and dynamicity in modern transport systems for a proactive and problem-free transportation system. OPTIMUM will establish a largely scalable, distributed architecture for the management and processing of multisource big-data, enabling continuous monitoring of the transportation systems needs and proposing corresponding proactive decisions and actions in an (semi-) automatic way. The project follows a cognitive approach based on the Observe, Orient, Decide, Act loop of the big data supply chain for continuous situational awareness. The proposed solution will be deployed in real-life pilots in order to realize a set of challenging use cases in the domains of multi-modal transportation, adaptive toll pricing and Car2X integration.

Based on the OODA approach, our project vision will be accomplished through the following objectives:

  • Highlighting and demonstrating the benefits and potentials of big data fusion and proactive behaviour in the diverse and multi-modal transportation context by designing a distributed and scalable architecture for its efficient realization.
  • To enable comprehensive observing of the transport ecosystem, by designing and developing a smart sensing system able to cope with a huge amount of heterogeneous data in real-time
  • To enable semantic understanding of acquired data in near real time by designing and developing an efficient management framework for dynamic (proactive) and context-aware anticipation and detection of the situations of interest on the basis of complex and predictive data analysis algorithms and event-detection
  • To support proactive decisions and sustainable transportation behaviours through proactive information provisioning and personalization, persuasive mechanisms, including novel incentive schemes, for behavioural changes and real time multimodal routing and navigation algorithms
  • To extend existing forecasting models by integrating Traveller2Traveller (T2T) and crowd sourcing behavioural interactions

For more information visit http://www.optimumproject.eu/

Friday, May 1, 2015