KnowNet: Intranet-based Organizational Knowledge Management

The result of the Know-Net project is a holistic Knowledge Management solution, whichincludes three components.

The first component is a conceptual framework that can be used by managers as a roadmap for ensuring integrity of the Knowledge Management effort.

The second component is a modular method that helps organisations define and document their knowledge management strategy, audit and design business processes that enhance and facilitate corporate learning, establish related organisational roles, facilitate knowledge sharing between people in the organisation, and explicitly measure and evaluate the quality and business value of the organisation’s intellectual capital.

The third component is an intranet-based tool that supports the collection and categorisation of internal and external information, the re-use of stored knowledge using flexible and customisable Knowledge Navigators, advanced search – both keyword-based as well as concept-based, and collaboration facilities via on-line workspaces that allow knowledge workers to work together from different locations.

Thursday, October 1, 1998
Friday, March 31, 2000