Journalism is an important economic sector with a strong influence on the society and politics. In an era of information overload, journalists struggle to develop fresh, innovative and creative stories challenged by time pressure, huge amount of information to process and lack of funds. INJECT aims to help journalists to develop stories in a more efficient and creative way. To accomplish this goal, INJECT is developing digital services that will help journalists throughout the whole process of developing a news story. INJECT digital services implement creative search algorithms that provide inspirational resources for new articles, effectively providing information resources in a more efficient way, making search and information collection easier and helping journalists save time by facilitating story creation. We want journalists to get the most out of technology so INJECT will also help SMEs to integrate these services into the platforms they already use and give them the training to use the services.

INJECT has the following objectives:

  • Developing and adapting digital services to support the current needs and challenges of journalists.

  • Aggregating the services in different combinations to address specific needs of news SMEs.

  • Integrating the services as add-on components to CMSs that news SMEs use.

  • Diffusing the digital services, related training and consulting offerings to European and international journalism markets.

Sunday, January 1, 2017
Saturday, June 30, 2018