Unified collaborative innovation framework

TitleUnified collaborative innovation framework
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPatiniotakis, I, Apostolou, D, Mentzas, G
Journal International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital
Start Page260
Date Published2012

Successful companies consider innovation as a manageable process that can lead to new idea generation and consequently result in significant benefits. For this reason, many researchers have proposed frameworks that help companies become more innovative in a systematic and perennial way. In this paper, we present the unified collaborative innovation framework (UCIF), a novel framework with many innovative features such as an environment-stimulated process and a multi-dimensional perspective. UCIF encompasses knowledge management activities and concepts as integral parts of innovation, and adopts an open and participatory approach to innovation. Furthermore, we present the findings of a literature review for innovation frameworks, along with a comparative analysis.