Context Management in Event Marketplaces

TitleContext Management in Event Marketplaces
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsVerginadis, Y, Patiniotakis, I, Papageorgiou, N, Apostolou, D, Mentzas, G
Conference Name7th International Workshop on Semantic Business Process Management, Extended Semantic Web Conference 2012
Conference LocationHeraklion, Greece from May 27-31, 2012

This paper refers to methods and tools for enabling context detection and management based on events. We propose a context model that builds on top of previous efforts and we give details about the mechanisms developed for context detection in event marketplaces. In addition, we show how simple or complex events can be used in combination with external services in order to derive higher level context with the use of Situation-Action-Networks (SANs). Specifically, we present two different approaches, one for detecting low level context and another one for deriving higher-level contextual information using SANs. We present an illustrative scenario for demonstrating the process of specialization of our generic context model and its instantiation based on real-time events.